Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A bunch of kittens

A bunch of kittens
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This is a bunch of kittens that we saw during Mediation today. A man claimed that a cat had attacked his sister. I asked for a description of the cat, but the man said he wasn't sure. He said that it looked like a 'stray cat'.

When I asked around one of the storekepers nearby mentioned that a mother cat had given birth less than a month ago. She may have been trying to protect her kittens from what she perceived to be a threat. When I went up, she immediately came and rubbed herself against my legs. When the kittens ran up to me though, she grabbed one of the kittens and moved it away but was in no way hostile to me.

Just spoke to the complainant, and he seemed to accept the explanation, so hopefully that will work. Anyone want to adopt five very cute kittens? :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn

Where are the kittens located.

18/5/06 1:33 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Drop me an email? I don't want to post the information too publicly.

18/5/06 1:37 AM  

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