Friday, May 12, 2006


I spoke to a mother and daughter last night because one of the caregivers wrote to say that she had been caring for a community cat. Apparently the cat had some dental problems and she brought the cat to the vet. The mother and daughter then put up notices saying they lost their pet and so the caregiver got in touch with them. The mother and daughter reimbursed the caregiver for the vet fees. They said they had to put their cat out as someone had complained to the HDB about them. However, at some point, the mother and daughter decided to take the cat home again - the caregiver was also pleased as the vet said that the cat might have FIV.

This is the point it gets complicated. The caregiver wanted to visit the cat and the mother refused. When I spoke to the mother she said that their family situation did not allow for visitors right now. The caregiver on her part was worried as she said that she heard the mother and daughter caged up their own cats most of the day. The mother and daughter were upset as they thought that the caregiver was accusing them of ill treating their cats.

The mother also said that she had been caring for this cat for many years. She said that the caregiver's depth of emotion could not match hers as she had a long history with this cat which the caregiver did not.

I spoke to the mother and daughter for an hour. When I told the mother that I thought the caregiver was just concerned about the cat, and that the length of time she had been caring for the the cat was irrelevant, she agreed to let the caregiver visit the cat in a few weeks. I hope that they do allow her to do so. I'm sure it'll reassure the caregiver and certainly if the cat is well looked after, I am sure all parties will be happy.


Anonymous Gaston said...

That's a very complicated situation. Our cats all live underfoot with humans - no cages - and that's how it should be in a home. People also shouldn't cage their children all day. I too would be concerned if I heard that cats were kept in cages in a home, and it does seem alarming that the mother wouldn't allow for a visit right away, but where we come from it is customary to give someone at least a few days' warning before you visit someone's home, especially if you aren't a frequent visitor.

13/5/06 12:40 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Gaston, i don't think she was planning to barge in but had been calling to ask if she could visit and she got worried with the constant refusals.

13/5/06 12:50 AM  
Anonymous m&w said...

The issue is the welfare of the cat. The mother and daughter put the cat out. It developed dental problems that cost a not insignificant amount of money to fix. The carer took the cat to the vet and paid for the fees out of her own pocket, not expecting to be reimbursed. Where were the "owners" then, and how did they not notice that the cat had dental problems which develop over a period of time?
I have a similar situation where a family feeds 4 cats at their flat, but throws them out at night. The cats were unsterilised (a female has produced atleast 2 litters), and 2 developed eye infections and ulcers (bad enough to prevent the cat from eating) that also cost a not insignificant amount of money to fix. The "owners" did not notice the eye discharge and inflamation, and that the cat was not eating? In my case, the "owners" resent my intervention, but I am not going to stand by and watch the cats suffer.
In both cases, the "owners" claim to love the cats, but is there not a hint of abandonment and lack of care?
If they have nothing to hide, why prevent a visit? Dispense with niceties if the welfare of the cat is in question. If they said that they cared about the cat, now is the time to show it by allowing a visit.

13/5/06 4:04 AM  
Blogger Kayley said...

Yikes! I just tumbled one of the less bright cats off a car just now. Someone might have thought I was abusing her! But she was being rather... slow. You know you will smack their bums to get them off the car? I smacked, pushed and shooed. She wouldn't lift a paw until after she tumbled off the car! Smacking seems remotely unfamiliar to her!!!

I just hope no one complains about them sleeping on vehicles, or of me tumbling that dumb cat off the car.

13/5/06 5:17 PM  

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