Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Condo Update

The feeder just called again. She said she spoke to the condominium and that they have agreed to give her any cats that they catch and she can sterilise them. She will release them back. I asked if she had an assurance from the manager that they would not trap the sterilised cats. She said she thought so, and that if the manager went back on it, then it would be on the manager's conscience.

I told her that we could arrange the subsidised rate and reimburse the $10 per cat on top of that. She said that she wanted to sterilise right from the start but could not afford it. I asked how many cats there were when she started, and she said quite a few but not as many as now. She also said quite a lot of cats are pregnant.

She said she had a lot of other commitments and could not afford to pay for sterilisation, because she is also paying for quite a lot of cats in a shelter. This again goes back to doing what you can - if you can't afford to start looking after another colony, then maybe you should focus on the colonies you ARE already looking after and do a really good job on those.

I told her that she is going to keep spending more and more money every month just on the food alone because the cats are going to give birth if she doesn't sterilise. She acknowledged this but said she could not afford to sterilise. Maybe the more relevant consideration is how you can NOT afford to - and it's not just in terms of monetary costs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn

You are right. If she is not going to sterilise her cats, her bank account will soon dry out. She will spend all her savings on feeding the cats because they keep producing. Now she has one big family to sterilise. She better act now. If not, this big family will become multiple families.

aunty winn

30/5/06 6:56 PM  

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