Tuesday, May 16, 2006

CWS is an authority?

One of the caregivers called to say that she thinks a cat has been caught under the escalator more than two weeks ago but details are very sketchy. She said that the escalator has been shut down for more then two weeks because the cat was caught and she was just told all this by her friend today. However the caregiver's friend did not know what to do as she contacted the town council and they were unable to help her. As a result, the cat has been left inside. So far, a fish was thrown to the cat on one occasion.

The caregiver has asked me to ring the government authority she thinks is in charge. She has said that CWS will have special authority and that people will listen to the Society. For some reason this is a common fallacy - I often find that it is best if the caregiver rings directly because CWS is NOT an authority in the eyes of government bodies. Most officials will also find it better if the caregiver is directly involved - one, because they like dealing with the person directly in charge and who has a stake in the situation, and two, because the caregiver usually has all the information. In this case for example, it has taken three phone calls to find out the details and even so I'm not sure exactly what happened.


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