Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Feeding sometimes the source of the problem

I just spoke to a young woman who said that the cats in her area are multiplying and have scratched out her motorcycle seat. She said that there was a problem of an increasing number of cats. I asked if I could buy her a cover for the motorcycle and she said she had tried it before but the cats came back and started scratching again. She also said that one of the cats vomited sardines all over her motorcycle once.

Apparently there is a woman feeding in the void deck every night and due to the increasing number of cats, I suspect they may not be sterilised. This area has a feeder as well that I know of, who has been feeding but not sterilising - every few months someone else complains.

One of the volunteers also followed up with the cat that goes upstairs. She called them up and the daughter of the complainant said that she actually did not want the cat caught. She was very worried that the cat might be hurt. She said it was a very friendly cat. The main problem she says is the woman who feeds the cat upstairs (and denies that it is her). She said that many people are unhappy about the defecation and that if that stopped, most of the families in the block would actually be fine about letting the cat remain.

Michelle and Marcus also went to do a mediation just yesterday and it was another case of someone feeding upstairs and causing problems because then the cat is annoying the neighbours.

Again, this is a case of the poor cat being in a position where it is going to get killed if nothing is done, and the people feeding it clearly do not care at all. There is no way that they can not know what is happening - I have spoken to them twice, flyered the block and left a notice under the food, so it's not that they're ignorant as to what is going to happen to the cat.


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