Thursday, May 18, 2006

I was just about to sterilise the cats

I called some caregivers up today to ask how sterilisation is going. I spoke to one of the people from the family Jolanda and I went down a few times to speak with. I have also called her three or four times. Every time I call, she will say that she was JUST thinking of bringing the cats in - they all loiter in her yard and the number keeps increasing. It was no different today - I SMSed her and she said that she was JUST thinking of bringing the cats in SOON. I replied that it would be best to do it quickly before the cats get pregnant again.

I also called another woman whom one of the volunteers is helping to transport her cats for sterilisation. She said she wasn't ready to send in the next batch of cats yet, as she was a little broke. The volunteer in fact has helped out with the costs in the past as well. She said she'd call me when she was ready to send in the cats, but I'm pretty sure she won't. Will need to just remember to call her again in a few weeks and see how it's going.


Blogger calsifer said...

Now why does that sound oh so very familiar?

Really, why are people resisting when they've been educated on the pros of sterilisation? What else cna be done to make them actually do it? Bring down the wrath of whomever/whatever makes their fearscape? Deities? Officialdom? Fines?

I just don't get these people!

19/5/06 1:21 PM  

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