Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm doing you a favour

A student wrote in a while ago to say that they wanted to help CWS sell some merchandise for their project. This is nice - and most people do try and help us sell items. However, she did not let me know what was needed and when till very late and said they needed the items ASAP.

I have to say that while the majority of people who approach us are really nice and want to help, some, like this student, are a bit demanding because they think they're doing us a favour. Frankly at a small stall like this we're unlikely to sell a lot. We would have been happy to send the items down anyway, but we are a very small organisation and it is annoying to be told you have to send the items down ASAP because someone forgot to give notice.

I don't want her to fail her project though, so will send some stuff down today.


Anonymous imp said...

you're too nice.

24/5/06 6:24 PM  

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