Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reimbursement cases

We've had a few people call for help in the last two days and all for pet cats. One woman was following up on a letter her teenaged son sent us. He asked for help with his pet cat which was ill. I had been trying to call the son but was not able to get him and his mother called me. He said in his letter that he needed to pay for it out of his allowance. His mother told me that they had to pay for him and that it was an ex-community cat. I asked if they were in financial problems, but this did not seem to be the case. It's just that she heard that we have reimbursed some part of a rescue case in the past, and she wanted to know if we could pay them back.

A vet called about another person who was migrating and said that she wanted to adopt her two ex-community cats out. She also had to have surgery for one of the cats and her husband was not very happy about it. The vet was giving her a better rate but wanted to know if we could help. The sum was actually quite a small one and the vet said they could afford it, but the husband was not very happy with the situation.

A third person also just called for help with his cat which fell out the window.

We have very limited resources, and while we'd really like to help every cat, this also goes back to limits. We almost ran out of money three years ago because everyone was asking for reimbursements at one point. We'd also like to help out those community cats and people caring for them who may have limited funds first.

Also, if you adopt an ex-community cat and take it home, then it does become your cat. You can't keep expecting someone else to pay for your cat. If there is a dire situation, then I am sure the Society will see what it can do to help, but the fact that your cat used to live on the streets at some point is not reason enough to get reimbursed.


Blogger calsifer said...

Well, I got a theory about that. You know how people go to their MPs for all sorts of issues/requests?

I think people treat CWS like the MP of cat issues. Now if only the requisite voting/veto powers come full equipped too. We'd have it made!

But I'm digressing... you're so right, Dawn. I agree, this mentality of 'it's an ex-community cat' can't be allowed to wash. 'Ex-community cat' also mean YOUR pet-cat now, aka your responsibility.

If someone's going to keep that mentality, then that person, for goodness sake, should not adopt a community cat - the poor cat is just going to treated like an obligation, a 'second-class citizen' equivalent, which is not fair to it at all.

Otherwise, people who are thinking such segregative thoughts: get real, and scrub that 'ex-community cat' off your own mental prejudices, and start being responsible for YOUR cat.

23/5/06 2:03 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well said Calsifer.

Haha - "MP of cat issues"!

23/5/06 2:07 PM  
Blogger KXBC said...

If you bring the cat home from the streets, then it becomes your cat. You love it and it will love you back. So why should CWS reimburse for the expenses? Does it mean that just because it is an ex-community cat, you can ask for reimbursement? If that's the case, maybe CWS can ask these shallow people to reimburse CWS for purrs, tummy rubs and head butts too.

I really don't understand these people. How shallow and materialistic they have become. It's not as if they cannot afford that few extra dollars. If they cannot afford it, then don't have a pet, whether cat, dog, fish, bird or hamster.

dawn, if I were you, you can be sure these people will get one big lecture from me on the spot.

23/5/06 4:51 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I like that KXBC - I'll remember the line about reimbursement for purrs and tummy rubs :)

23/5/06 5:06 PM  

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