Monday, May 22, 2006

Seat covers

We went to another mediation today. The complainant claims that the cat is scratching her motorcycle seat cover. We found four cats, three unsterilised, and most away from the seat covers. I am trying to get the feeder in the area to see what can be done. I did see five or six motorcycles in the area and none of the seats looked scratched.

I spoke to the complainant and she said that she had just changed the seat cover and she'll let me know if they have any more complaints about the cats in the area.

I also spoke to someone this afternoon whose son had written into ask for some help with their ex-community cat. It turns out that the cat needed surgery and they wanted to ask for financial help. I called up to ask if they could send us some financial statements so that we could use means testing but was told that they would not qualify if that was the case.


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