Tuesday, May 23, 2006

They're not my cats

I spoke to one of the feeders in an area I went to yesterday. While most of the cats are unsterilised, two were not, and the complainant was saying that the cats were scratching her motorcycle cover.

The feeder was explaining to me that she did not feed at that spot, so her cats were maybe 100 meters away from these other cats. One of the cats she fed though, and which was unsterilised, was near the motorcycles.

She mentioned there is another feeder who feeds some of the other cats. I told her that if the complainant continues to complain to the town council, it's not going to matter which cats 'belong' to whom. They're just going to round them all up.

I had spoken to yet another feeder in the area the other day who said it wasn't her area as well, but now that I've gone down, it appears that at least some of them are her cats.

At this point I spoke to the feeders and they have agreed to try and sterilise the unsterilised cats, so I'm glad to hear that. It does sadden me when people divvy up their cats though - there are so many feeders and yet some cats aren't sterilised or cared for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Maybe the feeder is not aware that SPCA provides free sterilisation voucher. Cannot afford to bring the strays to a private vet, please go to SPCA on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Get ready a self-addressed and self- stamped envelope (23 cents stamp).

Feeder, pl bring along yr NRIC and give the self addressed envelope to the sterilisation clinic. The clinic will then ballot all the applications and send the sterilisation voucher to you. So Easy. This service is free, use it.

The feeder has to hire a cab and bring the strays to the clinic for sterilisation. Only a few dollars for the taxi fare. It won't hurt yr pocket, right??

24/5/06 2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No point feeding the strays and not sterilising them. The strays produce 3 to 5 kittens every 3 months. Very soon, all the void decks will be over populated with strays cats and kittens. I am sure people don't like to see many cats and kittens starving to death, right?? Best solution is to sterilise them, the sooner the better. Don't delay.

Sterilising the strays will help to control the cat population and thus less nuisance to the residents and less complaints to the town councils.

If there are too many stray cats and kittens around, the feeders might not have the financial resources to provide enough food for them.

Sterilisation is a one-time affair. Do it. don't hesitate.

24/5/06 2:52 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous she is aware - this feeder did not even want our subsidised rates because she wanted to do it at a vet she liked who did not do subsidised rates. This meant she had to pay full price - which made it more expensive and hence she could do less cats.

Anonymous 2 - well said!

24/5/06 3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi dawn, i just saw some of the blogs of urs. I read the comment by the "anonymous" that mentioned abt SPCA
giving out the Sterilisation voucher?
I would like to sterilise the cats at my area. I have seen so many of them, and my area has so little ple feeding them. Please reply me if possible. thanks

31/8/06 2:53 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Great Anonymous - thanks for starting to sterilise!

You can call the SPCA for vouchers, or you can contact us for subsidised slots as well. We also have a partial reimbursement scheme in place.

31/8/06 3:15 PM  

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