Monday, May 22, 2006

Think Global, Act Local

One of the things I do find worrying about some volunteers is their unwillingness to help out in any area either than their direct area of involvement. If there is any problem within their own vicinity (ie their own colony), they are able to help out. However, should the town council/management authority call about an area that is not in their direct location, they are not willing to help out.

For example, in one particular area, the volunteers there wanted to see their town council because there was a complaint in their area. They agreed to help out with mediation. Subsequently however, when complaints came in, they said it was not in their area. If the town council asks for help and you refuse to help in every case, what are the chances they are going to call when it really DOES involve the cats you look after? From their past experience, they're going to think that TNRM does not work, so why bother asking for help from the volunteers?

Clearly some town councils are a little large, and it may be a bit of a distance for someone to go down, but here's the thing - if a complaint can be handled, those cats will not be removed. Surely that's a good thing, whether or not they are cats in YOUR colony.

I end up going down for mediations that could have been handled by someone in the area but they refused to go. This is not asking for someone to take over the TNRM in the area - it's just to go down and take a look and see if anything can be done. Often there are caregivers, and it's a matter of trying to find these people. It's a very sad state of affairs if you choose only to care about your own cats.


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