Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Why can't you take my cat?"

I just had one of those phone calls which make me blink and wonder if it's for real. This woman was given my number by the town council. It seems that she has one sterilised cat but that the HDB recently sent her a letter telling her it was illegal to keep a cat in a flat. She kept saying she did not want AVA to come and kill her cat though I told her that that was not what was going to happen.

It turns out that the cat is put out in the day when she is at work because she doesn't want fur in her flat. The sand tray is out in the corridor too. The cat also runs out at night quite often.

I suggested she see her MP but she said that it was too much trouble to see her MP over a cat. She wants to send it away somewhere - she heard there was a home in Tampines and she'd like to send her cat there. I asked her if she would consider keeping the cat indoors as it may be defecating outside someone's home or causing a nuisance. She said that her cat is clean because it eats dry food, though she admitted it might be defecating somewhere else. She said she was quite sure there had been complaints, and that someone had once thrown her cat litter away. She said that it was not possible to keep the cat indoors though as cats need to go out. In addition, she wants to leave for overseas.

I told her that since she was going abroad, this was a great opportunity to take her cat with her. She kept asking why I could not take her cat or why we could not find a loving home for it. I explained our work focused on Sterilisation and told her how many cats looking for homes on our board. She kept insisting that someone must want it because it's such a good cat. She said if the Society cannot find a home for her cat, then how could she? She said it was too much trouble to bring her cat with her, and it was a really cute cat. I explained the procedure of how to bring her cat overseas and how easy it was and told her that since it was such a cute cat, surely she must want to take it with her. She said it was too troublesome. She then asked if she could send her cat to Malaysia. I told her the procedure was about the same - she then said she would ship the cat off to a friend in Malaysia. Sigh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since she likes her cat so much, she should take her cat with her overseas, why leave her 'best friend' behind. I keep my 2 cats indoors, why cant' she? It's her fault for not keeping the cat indoors and let it roam about. No wonder her neighbours complained. Alternatively, she can put her cat on the public adoption board for adoption since she claimed that its troublesome to bring the cat overseas.

30/5/06 11:13 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Plus as you said, it's just one cat. I don't see why she can't take it.

31/5/06 12:08 AM  
Blogger iWooiBlog said...

I don't get it also, obviously she is just one of those kind of people you meet in your life: She has a knife keep poking at herself, she's bleeding... yet she says it's not painful and ask you not to stop poking...

Not exactly a good example but you all know what I mean... very clear she herself doen't know what she want, or want to do, and I seriously doubt the "going overseas" story...

Let's just hope the poor, but cute cat gets a new home.

31/5/06 1:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This woman confused me. On one hand, she said she likes her cat because it's very cute. On the other hand, she said she wants to go overseas and it's too troublesome to bring the cat along. So, what exactly she wants?
Just bring the cat along and let the authorities in that country quarantine the cat for a short period and she can retrieve it. My friend took a kitty back from Malaysia and was quarantined at AVA for a month. Later she retrieved it and the kitty is living happily with her now.

Is she really going overseas? Or just an excuse. Maybe she longer like this kitty and want to get rid of it.

31/5/06 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the tone of her conversation, I don't think she is really sending her cat to her friend in Malaysia. Sounds more like she will just abandon it.

31/5/06 2:56 PM  
Blogger kuro.shiro.neko said...

i think this woman doesnt really love her cat, from her excuses and actions.

31/5/06 4:42 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous, it sounds like she is quite worried the cat will be taken away and killed so she wants someone ELSE to take it. If she really cannot find someone, then yes she may abandon it.

A lot of countries also don't have quarantine laws if you're taking them out of Singapore - the quarantine normally applies when you bring them home.

31/5/06 5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please ask her to put her cat on the adoption board. I really do not want to see the cat being abandoned. This owner's attitude is questionable.

My opinion is, she don't really love this cat at all. The cat is just a toy to her.

I hope Poor Kitty wld not end up in the drain or on the streets.

31/5/06 11:28 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous, the problem is when I checked the number on my phone, it was a blocked number.

1/6/06 10:17 AM  

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