Thursday, May 18, 2006

You don't have to say yes

I sometimes speak to caregivers who are told that they are to remove the cats from an area or they will be trapped. I just spoke to one woman yesterday and she was panicking which is understandable. I can see that people don't want their cats to get caught of course, and so they acquiesce, but here's the thing, you don't NEED to always agree. For example, if someone says the cats will get trapped if you don't remove them, instead of immediately relocating the cats, first try and see if you can make some other arrangements. Often if you try, you can persuade the other person to let you work something else out a TNRM programme, working out a better area to feed the cats, etc. However if you agree and take the cats away, it's going to be hard to ask for a TNRM programme, the management is not going to see that removal doesn't work because you're in effect doing the job for them, and as has been mentioned several times before, relocation can be extremely difficult. Alternatively, you might end up getting stuck with a lot of cats.

In this case, the management told the woman to remove her cats, and she was worried and trying to get cages. However I spoke to them yesterday and they agreed to let the cats stay while they consider the problem. They've asked that she take photos of the cats so they know which are on the territory and there won't be a dispute as to numbers, so I just called her to ask if she could do that.


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