Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Be Fair

Our adoption volunteer just told me she received an email from a foster. An adopter had shown an interest in taking her cat and they made arrangements for her to send the cat over later on in the week. In the meantime however, another foster got in touch with the adopter. The adopter apparently told the second foster that she had already promised to take the first foster's cats but the second foster is supposed to have said that she would help the first foster adopt her cats out and to take her cats instead.

The adoption volunteer is trying to get to the bottom of this, but if this is true, this is really quite appalling. While of course we're happy that any cat gets adopted out, why should one foster's needs take precedence over another's? Everyone wants to get their cats adopted out as soon as possible and into a permanent home.

This reminds me of another incident at an adoption drive. A woman adopted a cat from another welfare organisation and told the foster she had promised to take the cat from that she had taken it from CWS. She said she had no choice but to take it from CWS as someone had threatened her that the cats would be killed otherwise. The foster contacted us and was very upset. First of all, we never kill cats because they can't find a home. Secondly, we checked our records and showed that we had not adopted any cat out to the adopter. Subsequently, the foster found out that the adopter had lied about a number of other events.

The point is - please be upfront. If you are a foster, don't shove your cats down someone else's throat and insist they take yours rather than someone else's cats. It borders on the unethical. If you are an adopter, if you change your mind, just say so. Don't make up stories and get everyone upset.


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Blogger vegancat said...

Because some people are only concerned about what are theirs...how much they have spent on their cars...and no cat is going to take away the mint condition without paying for it!

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