Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A "cat" complaint?

I was reading what Mr Giggles, Yskat and Vegancat mentioned about town councils dealing with cat complaints because they are 'easier'. Yesterday evening, I spoke with a town council officer who had written in and forward an email from someone he said complained about cats a few days ago. She had not responded to my email.

The officer said that the woman had complained about several issues, and that he wanted to look into it. He said he thought the issue with the cats had been resolved. I told him I would speak with the complainant.

I called the complainant and she said that when the town council and HDB had called her she was rather surprised that cats had been brought into it. She said that she had mentioned that at one point the cat population looked like it had increased, but her main contention was about irresponsible feeding. She said she had nothing against the cats and had told the officer that she did not want the cats removed because she thought it was cruel.

It was of course easier to lump this as a 'cat complaint' because what can you do about the feeders? As the officer told me, he has no idea if they feed responsibly or not because feeding takes place at night, and they don't work after office hours.


Blogger vegancat said...

So this is a problem of an irresponsible town council officer who jump to conclusion.
As residents, we have the right to ask town councils to be transparent in their use of OUR fund, including the engagement of pest control companies to clear cats. The town council offier must be responsible to make sure that each complaint is professionally investigated and that his or her decision is un-biasedly accountable.

7/6/06 11:09 AM  
Anonymous mr giggles said...

Yes, vegancat, you're right about it. Unfortunately, even if we have spoken to the towm council supervisors, sometimes info doesn't get disseminated to their subordinates and to the cleaning supervisors, who on occasions, take the "initiative" to "solve" cat "problems".

Town council officers must be educated on how to classify complaints. At the moment, anything that has the word "cat" in it, becomes a "cat complaint".

7/6/06 4:03 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - which also may artificially 'inflate' the cat complaints as well.

7/6/06 4:07 PM  

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