Thursday, June 08, 2006

The cat gets blamed

I was on the way home when an HDB officer rang up. He was surprised to be speaking with me. He had referred a cat situation to the AVA, they had referred it to the Town Council and the TC had referred it to me.

Now LEGALLY speaking, the HDB officer had gone down and asked a family to get rid of their cats. However the family insisted that they had gotten rid of the cats. They also mentioned that the cats that were in their home were community cats that came upstairs. When he went back a week later, the cat was still there. He can only issue summons, but if the cat isn't their cat, then he can't ask them to get rid of it can he?

The HDB officer also mentioned to me that they do not go down unless they have complaints. He also said that if the cats were kept in it would help with a lot of problems.

We stopped in and spoke to the residents. The resident said the cat had been let out since it was a kitten. He did not understand why there was a complaint now. I told him that if the cat did not go out and defecate (which was the complaint apparently), then they would not have this problem. The cat was sleeping happily on his sofa, safe and content in the house.

We walked up to flyer the corridor and there was a strong smell of urine. However, the chances of it being cat urine are very slim. You'll see why when I post the photo in a minute.

I hope the man keeps the cat in - even if it is NOT his cat urinating, the chances are that the cat is going to get blamed. I emailed the town council and offered to send over the photos of the urination as well.

I spoke to the HDB officer again. He said he had seen defecation as well. He asked why cats go upstairs and I explained they are rarely community cats but are either pet cats or cats lured up by residents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like a kid's urine or maybe a drunkard man.

Not likely to be a cat's urine.

10/6/06 12:59 AM  

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