Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Don't fly off the handle

I spoke with a caregiver today. She was very certain that the condominium near her colony was trapping cats when she spoke with me yesterday. Understandably she was very upset and she wanted to go over and give them a piece of her mind. However, we discussed it and agreed that was not the way to go. She wanted to ask them why they had trapped her cat.

The cat returned today. What I said to her was that IF the management had been trapping the cat, chances are they would not admit it anyway and would get defensive. If they really were innocent, they would get annoyed and might view her as basically calling them liars if she does not take their word for it that they were not trapping.

I told her that the best thing to do is to calm down, and to try and find out what she could first - was there a cat in the trap, had any cats been caught - and then we could either confront the condominium management or not. Unfortunately a while ago she had also accused the condo management of trapping cats and they really had not - cats sometimes DO wander off and will come home and that is exactly what happened that time too.


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