Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't wait till it's too late

I received a phone call from a young woman who asked if I knew that cats were being trapped in a certain area this afternoon. The sad truth of the matter is that there are cats being trapped every single day so I'm not surprised when people call to tell me that. With 35 cats being killed every day, trapping must be happening somewhere every single day.

What is sad is that some people don't do anything till it is be too late. This young lady was calling because they were trapping in an area that her friend knows about or helps in. The friend says that she is willing to pay for sterilisation, but says that she cannot communicate with the other feeders. I told the young woman that I had mentioned to her friend in the past we could do a workshop there but had not heard back from her on this.

The sad thing is that some people aren't moved to do anything till the cats get caught. As this young woman told me, there are 'many, many' cats there. The town council obviously has received complaints. At this point, the population is clearly becoming a problem in the area. What is to be done now? The town council will want to know what the solution is - and while sterilisation is definitely the answer, town councils are not going to wait for you to sterilise the cats at this point because they have a problem they need solved NOW. They'll want to know why nothing was done earlier. If the feeder knows sterilisation is the answer, they'll want to know why nothing was done about it.

It does seem that some people I've met who have no time or money or whatever it is to sterilise, suddenly find they have the time and money to sterilise the cats at this point, or move them all into a farm at huge cost. If they sterilised earlier, the cats would have been saved. So please, if you feed, make sure you sterilise - the sooner the better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people will not sterilise their cats until something happened. They find all sorts of excuses for not sterilising their cats. When their cats get caught, they become panic and start to search everywhere and blame everybody. This is the wrong attitude. People just like to do things at the last minute but by then, it would be too late to save these cats because they could have been caught and killed on the same day.

To the feeders: may I urge you to sterilise your cats now and save their lives. Give them a chance to live on the streets otherwise they will get caught and killed. Don't risk their lives. Do it now or you will live to regret forever.

10/6/06 11:36 PM  

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