Monday, June 12, 2006

I want to help but not do anything

Just back from seeing the cat, dropping some newsletters off and putting down the deposit for the new lot of cat traps.

We went to see the cat at the vet. Rebecca suggested that the cat may have fallen - hence the broken leg and the bewildered air or a lost pet. She's quite right that it might be possible. She does look quite dirty and matted for a recently lost pet cat though.

The woman just called again and said she heard from a groomer who overheard the vet say that the cat can go back on the streets. I told her that it wasn't what I was told and that if she didn't trust what I said, by all means to go ahead and call the vet but not to be so quick to believe that third parties overheard. She quickly back tracked and said that she didn't mean that she didn't believe me, but that she may have heard wrongly.

She is now trying to put the cat into a farm. Who knows where the money to put the cat into the farm is coming from as it certainly isn't coming from her. She's got other commitment, she has other pets, she cannot help. For someone who wants to be 'positive', she certainly is very negative.

I also spoke to the other woman that she was trying to place the cat with. She said that she was very annoyed as well but she didn't want the woman to toss the cat back on the street as she was under the impression that this woman had taken the cat to the vet and might leave it where she found it. It turned out she called different groups and made it seem she had done the work when she had not.

This morning she insisted she would have no problems finding donations to keep this cat somewhere. Now she says she can only 'try'. This morning she was quite certain the cat cannot go back on the street because she said it cannot survive - now she seems to have done another about turn.

We're going to handle this but I'm not going to bother to keep her in the loop. All she has done is call for help when the cat was first found and then just badgered Rebecca and I and other welfare group volunteers. She has not as far as I know, even gone down to look at the cat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that woman is genuine to help. Talk only....
Never depend on such person. Not reliable.

It's better to get someone to adopt this cat so that she can be properly taken care of. And if she is limping, she might not survive in this harsh environment. People might chase and abuse her and dogs will attack her.

And since she is toothless, she might be quite old and frail now. She needs a good home. She needs to be fed with soft food. I hope someone will adopt her after her recovery and give her lots of love and care.

13/6/06 12:33 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Thank you anonymous, what good wishes.

13/6/06 12:54 PM  

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