Monday, June 05, 2006


The committee met on Friday night and the meeting ended around 11 pm whereupon Marcus and Michelle helped to arrange the Playmobil figurines to illustrate the importance of sterilisation.

I just got off the phone with a very nice man who picked up a newborn kitten. His wife was trying not to pick up the kittens and was waiting for the mother cat to return, when another cat ran up and bit one of the two kittens and killed it. She then took the other kitten home. The two of them have not gone out the entire weekend and have been nursing the kittens and the man took leave today to look after the kitten too. The kitten is so tiny though that the umbilical cord has not dropped off and the eyes aren't open. He does need to go back to work and is wondering if someone can foster it. He offered to take it back during weekends when he doesn't work. We often get people asking us to find fosters, but few are as committed as this man is.


Blogger KXBC said...

I think this same man has posted a plea for help in a Singapore based photography website called Clubsnap.

Sensible advice has been given with links to various tried and tested methods of bringing up neonatal kittens. The man has also brought the kitten to the vet and it seems to be doing ok for now though it is a little dehydrated.

The issue of the 12 noon feed during weekdays has not been solved though so the survival of the kitten is still left hanging. Let's hope there is a good outcome finally.

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