Friday, June 30, 2006

Looking for a home

Looking for a home
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This is one of the cats looking for a home that the adoption volunteer and I went to take photos of today.


Anonymous belle said...

hi dawn, remember some time back we corresponded regarding a stray i used to feed but he went missing ?

we were worried he could have been trapped by town council/ava ...

i have good news ... i found him ... on boxing day last year(26/12/2005) !!

i quickly scooped him up into a carrier & brought him home as i couldnt bear to lose him again ...

he has sinced been neutered and lives at home with my family members and our one other cat of 11 years who unfortunately has degenerative kidney failure ...

he's about one-and-a half years old, a young strapping lad ... the 'old lady' had some trouble adjusting to him, but they're ok with each other now - less hissing & growling ...

im posting this here bcos the cat in the pic looks like my this cat, but its not him lah !!

also juz for your info, in case you're wondering ... :-)

3/7/06 9:49 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

That's great news Belle!

4/7/06 12:48 AM  

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