Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More than one way to go about it

I spoke to a feeder today. She heard from the cleaner that the town council wants to trap her cats. She is understandably upset but when she called the officer a few days ago, he said he would call her first if there was a problem. She does not want to get the cleaner into trouble as he is very helpful, so she decided that she would bring some friends of hers and get them to lie to the General Manager and say that they overheard that the cats were going to be caught.

I told her that it was not a good idea to lie about it - and at the end of the day it proves nothing as the cats have not been caught. The officer will just deny it and if it is found that she lied, her credibility is shot.

I suggested that she ask these friends to keep a watch over the cats. If the cleaner is willing to let them know what time, they can then stand there and take photos of the cats being caught and they will have incontrovertible proof.

The feeder said that her friends may not have time, or cameras. I told her that since they were willing to go with her and meet the GM, I am sure they would have time to do this, and that I would get her disposable cameras if she needed it. She said she would need to talk to them and see if they were willing. I find it odd that they would take time out to go and tell stories to the GM, but that they aren't willing to stand there at a pre-determined time and shoot some photos on a camera.

I understand that town councils can be underhanded and sneaky sometimes - but it does not mean that we should try and lie and make up stories either. There are usually other better ways of getting hold of the same information which are more convincing as well.


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