Friday, June 02, 2006

Not my block

I spoke to a feeder whom I just learnt was feeding in the vicinity of a block that someone had written in to complain about. She mentioned that a lot of people were dumping and I suggested flyering might be good. She said she could not cope with all the problems. I asked if she might be able to help just look into the situation at the next block. She said that she did not feed there and she stopped at the block in front.

I looked up the map - the two blocks are adjacent and in fact are linked. I asked if they weren't just next to one another and if 'her' cats might not wander to the next block. She said she stopped at the back of the block so it was not her area. Of course if the complainant continues to complain, then what will happen is that 'her' cats might wander into the next block and get caught - after all, it's unlikely the cats are as aware of geographical differences as she is.


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