Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Busy afternoon with quite a few people calling and emailing. Three people have contacted us about paying for all the sterilisations in their area or for someone they knew. Some asked for help with medical expenses as well.

The problem is that according to the people who called, the people they are calling on behalf of are not interested in management, nor are they interested in sterilisation. They just want to feed the cats. This has led to the cat population increasing dramatically. I asked if it would be possible to speak to these feeders about setting up a proper management programme, but two of them said that they knew they were not.

Let's give two scenarios :- Scenario A : There is a feeder who only wants to feed. The feeder does not want to sterilise. If there are complaints, the feeder is not bothered because the feeder thinks there is nothing he or she can do. The population grows because the cats are not sterilised. Complaints start to come in. What does this lead to? Cats getting caught. The feeder at this point can't or won't do anything so the cats are killed.

Scenario B :- There is a caregiver. The caregiver is willing to feed, sterilise and manage complaints. If the caregiver has problems with the complaints, he or she knows he or she can come to CWS for help, but he or she is willing to help to manage the area properly. He or she solves complaints so the cats are not rounded up. If cats happen to be rounded up, the cats are collected back and the situation looked at so that it does not happen again. As a result, the population and complaints are managed and the cats live out the rest of their lives safely in the area.

Now considering we have extremely limited funds (which we do), whom do you think priority for the funds should go to? It does not take a rocket scientist to guess that Scenario B would win. If we had tons of money, it would be great to give money to everyone - but we don't. So we need to use that money to help as many responsible people keep as many cats safe as possible.


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