Friday, June 09, 2006

"Scary Cat" coming to a PC near you

The thumping music in the background came from someone blasting their speakers.


Blogger san said...

Dear dawn

I must say this is a very good video. My cat Toro heard the cat meowing and quickly came onto the computer table to look for it. He looked for the cat behind the cupboard, on the cupboard and is right now, on the table still looking out for the mysterious cat. He saw the cat in the computer but couldn't believe his eyes I guess. Thanks for giving toro some things to think about :)

9/6/06 9:18 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks San! My cats were pretty curious too!

10/6/06 12:47 AM  
Blogger Sivasothi said... wonder Xylo just appeared to check out the sound!

10/6/06 1:38 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yep - vocal cat this one!

10/6/06 3:04 AM  
Blogger kuro.shiro.neko said...

i guess for someone who do not understand cats or dont "like" cats, it would appear to be scary.

i recall before i adopted my first cat, any cat that approached, seemed dangerous.

now, i am attracted to cats who are actually vocal, anywhere, anytime, Singapore, Japan, etc :)

10/6/06 11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Scary Cat" enjoys your company so much it is showing you all angles of its handsome self ; ) Vocal cats are the best - they talk.

10/6/06 12:04 PM  
Anonymous mrs budak said...

Our Angel was very curious too and budak said she stiffened upon hearing "Scary Cat".

Dawn, do you have any links containing advice for feeders? We have a new stray downstairs and I think it was abandoned. He had both a tip ear and a tattoo. He is a bit like Scary Cat, very friendly and vocal and he would approach anyone and meow very loudly.

I'm watching him closely because he's obviously not accustomed to living outdoors as a stray. I'm afraid he'd end up irritating or scaring the residents so is there anyway I can "train" this cat to be "less friendly"?

11/6/06 12:00 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Mrs Budak, we do have some information - drop me an email and let me know what you need? We have articles on Sterilisation, Community Cat Management, Mediation and how to set up a TNRM programme.

Unfortunately some cats are just too friendly for their own group.One cat I remember got scalded by an abuser - a few weeks later, he got scalded AGAIN!

11/6/06 4:28 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Someone suggested that Scary Cat is saying something very interesting in 'cat language' along the lines of "Why this is crazy person taking my video?" so all the cats come running to check it out! :)

11/6/06 4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh.. some people are afraid of anything. Us people who like cats adore those that try to `talk' to us. But I have to admit that I do feel worried that such vocal ones may attract unwanted attention from the ignorant.

11/6/06 11:56 PM  

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