Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sometimes its about timing

I spoke with a feeder this morning. She was very upset because a cleaner in her area had told her that the town council was going to trap her cats. She called the GM and a few property officers and was going to kick up a big fuss.

The problem is that she did not want to bring up the cleaner's name for fear of getting him into trouble. This is perfectly understandable. This of course means however that when they ask her where they get this information, she will be unable to supply it.

She had also spoken with the officer a few weeks ago and the officer had told her that he will not trap any of her cats if the complaints are solved. None of the cats have gone missing.

At this point, there isn't anything she can do about accusing the officer, because chances are, he's going to deny everything. It may end up making her look unreliable. So instead of calling everyone and making accusations (which may be true but which are not provable), I advised her to call again and get a reassurance from him that he will refer any problems to her. That way if anything DOES happen, she can kick up a fuss. Of course, she also has to get other residents to watch the cats and to call if any of them go missing.


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