Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Why doesn't he just move out?"

A volunteer and I went down for a mediation today. The complainant said that there were cats in the corridor. The person complained about was not at home, but we did see three cats that looked unsterilised lying on the second floor corridor and on the landing.

We also spotted another flat with cat food just outside. We spoke with them and the man we spoke to was cross that someone had complained to the town council. He asked why the person could not just move out if he was unhappy with the cats. He said he suspected he knew whom it was that complained (considering it was the only home with mesh on the door, it's not a surprise). I did ask him if he could please feed downstairs and to ask the other neighbour who is feeding to feed in the void deck as well. He said that they had sterilised some of the cats and some of the cats in the void deck were sterilised. I also spotted a young kitten dead in the car park. The poor thing looked like it had been run over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sad to hear that the young kitten is dead. The other day, I saw a dead kitten at my car park. The owner threw the mother cat and the 4 kittens out of the house. The kittens were left on the pathway. One got killed by a car and 3 were saved by a passer by. Poor innocent helpless kittens.

It is not appropriate to feed cats along the corridor because it is a common area. The feeder either take the cats into his house and feed them inside or bring the cats downstairs and feed at the void decks. This will solve the problem and end the complaints. This feeder has no brain. Need to be told.

10/6/06 9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the unsterilised cats are hanging around at the corridor areas, the feeders should quickly sterilise them. If not, they will produce more kittens and more problems will come... And then, no end to this story....

To the Feeders: Don't just talk and no Action. Quick. Act Now. PLEASE Sterilise your cats FAST.

10/6/06 10:03 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

That is very sad Anonymous - poor kittens and cat. Any idea who dumped them?

Some feeders unfortunately don't listen even when you DO tell them.

10/6/06 11:21 PM  

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