Friday, June 02, 2006

Working Smart

The TNRM workshop tomorrow may be off after all. It turns out that the feeder has told Rebecca and I rather different things. It appears that instead of a workshop, she wanted to meet us and the other feeders she bumped into the area to look at the vacant plot of land the cats are on. I tried to explain that this was not the most conducive place to run a workshop or to show them how to start trapping. She said that she had not told the other feeders that she asked CWS to come down either.

I explained that it was best to get the management to agree to the project before starting rather than when the project ran into trouble. She said she did not care if the cats were caught, she just wanted to start. I told her that it was certainly better to sterilise them even if they were caught, but if we could do both (ie sterilise AND ensure their safety) that would be the best.

She also told Rebecca she did not feel it was time to learn how to trap yet. I told her we could definitely run a session for them but perhaps it could be arranged for another day. I suggested she tell her friends that she had spoken with us and arrange another date.

I explained that perhaps we could contact the management and let them know what was happening, but she said she had no time, she worked long hours, she fed till very late at night, etc. I told her we could always do a property search to find out for her, but that it would be good in that case for her to know what to say when they met the management. I told her that she was certainly working hard, but it was best to also work smart.

I explained that if we all went down and stared at a vacant plot of land and pointed at the cats, this didn't really help in any way to figure out how to start a programme, nor did it help to show them how to trap.


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