Monday, July 31, 2006

Another thank you!

Thank you everyone who wrote in to offered to help with our sterilisation voicemail and our Lost and Found page! We have found people to help with our lost and found board and our voicemail. Thanks to Wiggie and to Jodie for your offers of help!

It would also be remiss not to thank the other hardworking volunteers who have been helping out tirelessly all the time - Webgal, who has been doing a fantastic job with the adoptions website, Nan Nan, who answers all your sterilisation emails and Rebecca who has been handling the voicemail till work and school commitments make it difficult for her to continue to do so!Thanks also to our adoption volunteer (who asked not to be named) for all her hard work!

I just spoke to the volunteer whose father passed away. She said again to thank all of you. She said she was really touched that so many strangers offered to come forward to help. She said even while she was feeding some of the dogs and cats the other night, someone came forward and on hearing her father had passed away, offered to help too.

She would like to thank you for all of your offers of help, financial assistance and your thoughts. She said the nicest thing you could do in her father's memory would be to put the money back into helping the community animals.

Thank you, all of you - you've all shown that 'animal people' don't just have big hearts for the animals, they just have big hearts!


Blogger vegancat said...

I am glad that kindness begets kindness.

31/7/06 9:07 PM  

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