Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogathon news

Okay here's what I think we'll do - we have a few people who have offered to blog for the blogathon and we are planning to do another Spay Day a little later in the year. It would be great if people could donate in terms of sterilisations to be done. It would be roughly $20 for males and $50 for females. Could you drop me an email if you think you might be interested to sponsor this? If so, then I'll gather up the other bloggers and start making plans to take part. Thanks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One female sterilisation please - will email you to confirm.

19/7/06 1:01 PM  
Blogger san said...

Ok. I said I will sponsor 5 sterilisations. $250.00. This makes either 5 females or about 12 males. I leave it to you. I will send the email to confirm the sponsorship. :)

19/7/06 9:52 PM  

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