Friday, July 21, 2006

"But I don't look after these cats" Part 2

The feeder SMSed back to say that she could not go down after all to look after the other blocks. She was too busy. She had to work. She was not a housewife or retiree. She needed someone else to go down because she could not. I SMSed back to say that there was no one else there. I said that if she does not want to help out, then her own cats are at risk too.

She said that I did not mention this was a one-off situation and that she will go to the next block (conveniently forgetting the situation I mentioned). I'm trying to figure out how this could be since I told her that this was a case where the cats were defecating on a certain floor and that there was a complaint. She also said I sound fierce when I talk to her and that she is afraid of speaking to me.

I called but got no reply and SMSed back to say that I am always happy to help if people genuinely want to help the cats, but if I sound fed up with her that's because I am. I also told her it certainly hasn't stopped her from yelling at me before.

This feeder always calls when there is a crisis (calling memorably Jolanda and another caregiver at 2 am once to demand they both come down immediately to help her get a cat out from under a car), but when there is no crisis, she doesn't sterilise or mediate or take steps to try and stop the problem from arising. In another memorable occasion, she did not sterilise any of the cats in an area till the population went completely out of hand next to a temple, and the person there got fed up and started trapping. Then Jolanda went down to help her but she refused to release the cats, insisting that she had to take them all into boarding, which she could not afford. Then she started pleading with the adoption team to get her cats adopted out immediately.

She also has a tendency to hear what she wants to hear. She has accused myself, Jolanda, another volunteer and a town council officer of not telling her things or of lying to her before. The other volunteer has sworn off working with her.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

u gotta wonder what goes on in these ppl's heads.

i mean, if she wants to keep "her" cats safe then she may have to lug her butt a few blocks round her own cos cats do wander ard. there's no such thg as cats "never" straying, even if they do seem to spend most of their time at a certain place.

and think abt it this way, she has already put in so much effort, wld she rather all of it come to naught just because she can't do a little more?

21/7/06 12:56 PM  

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