Friday, July 21, 2006

"But I don't look after these cats"

One of the feeders that I spoke to earlier in the week SMSed to say that she had checked out the complaints about her block. I had mentioned when I spoke with her that the town council had complaints from several blocks in the area - however she kept saying she did not look after the cats there, then reluctantly said she would go check it out. She has not replied to my SMS about checking the other blocks out and I just SMSed her again to see if she has gone down. I am looking at the map and the blocks are separated by a small carpark.

I don't understand the reluctance to just go and have a look at the next block - true they're not 'her' cats, but these cats might get rounded up and killed if the complaints go on. If one of her cats happens to get caught (because they're not all sterilised), she'll also come down like a ton of bricks on the town council because according to her, her cats never wander.

It seems to be to just make sense to try and keep the area around 'your' cats safe, and this may involve actually looking into the other blocks around it. It might also have the added benefit of saving the lives of a few other cats at a very small cost to you.


Anonymous mr giggles said...

It's very selfish to think like her. If everyone in the community thinks like her, we won't be trying to work with TC to collectively solve "cat probems". Then volunteers can expect their cats to be rounded up in any raid (cats aren't smart enough to read block numbers). And it gives reason to the TC to just call in the Pest Controllers with evey knee-jerk response to complaints.

21/7/06 11:44 AM  

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