Monday, July 24, 2006

Clarifying misconceptions

I asked the feeder who claimed that the vet had told her that she cannot sterilise the female cats till they are 7 to 8 months and she is now getting rather defensive in her emails. She says we are not to 'harass' the clinic. I told her that (1) we worked with the clinic quite closely and (2) the clinic was very helpful this morning and said they would like to clear up any miscommunication as quickly as possible too. The vet in question is away but the other vet at the clinic said that the standard practice is of course to sterilise at 6 months. The feeder is now claiming that this is snowballing into a ridiculous situation - I told her that it's not at all ridiculous if some cats get pregnant because the feeders are under the mistaken impression they cannot sterilise at 6 months, or if the wrong information may be given out.

Just this morning I spoke with two different people. One said she had 'rescued' some cats off the street. She meant to get them sterilised but she was too busy and she did not realise they would get pregnant so fast. She wants to get them sterilised as quickly as possible.

The other woman said that she wanted to send her cats away because they were very annoying. They are not sterilised - and she said the male cats keep running up to her door when her female cat is on heat. She said she gives away all the cats that she does not want to her neighbours. A caregiver in this woman's area complained that there is so much abandonment there she does not know what to do. She has been sterilising and sterilising but people keep dumping cats in the area.

So if people are NOT sterilising, or are sterilising too late, because they have the wrong idea, then it IS a big deal.

The feeder just called up and clarified it was a miscommunication so hopefully that's settled. I explained to her that people will take what vets say very seriously, so if there is any miscommunication, it must be clarified. She said that she did not listen to all her vets as there were some she did not like, but she did concur in the end that people tend to take what their vets say seriously (as they should).


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