Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fear of supporting TNRM because of dumping

I just spoke to a caregiver who is trying to work with the town council. She said that the town council is refusing to put down in writing that they want to work with the caregivers there because they fear that other estates will find out and start dumping cats there. This is quite ludicrous since this town council is probably what I would consider the worst town council in Singapore. A lot of town councils though bring this point up - that other people will dump cats in their area.

Firstly, I actually think most people dump in their own area. They may dump in an area surrounding it but they usually cannot be bothered to drive somewhere else and throw a cat out. In the first place, you would need some form of transport to dump an animal somewhere else and it takes effort. Of course it DOES happen, but most of the time, caregivers will tell us that they are quite sure the dumping comes from the surrounding area. If a box of kittens is found, they usually look very much like the previous batches - and the owner probably lives in the vicinity. So if town council wants to stop this, they need to crack down on abandonment - not refuse to help with TNRM programmes.

Secondly, if cats are being dumped elsewhere I suspect it may be the work of pest control and/or town councils. I have spoken to at least two town council officers who admitted dumping the cats in a different area - as long as it was not theirs. I have also spoken with pest controllers who told me that they dumped the cats in another location. So whether or not the area is safe is besides the point - they just want the cats gone. This is also probably why suddenly a bunch of tipped ear cats show up in a different estate and why some caregivers have found their cats elsewhere.


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Wahahaha!! Dumping of animals by town coucils. LOLs...

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