Friday, July 21, 2006

Feeders not sterilising

What an absolutely terrible few blocks I went to today to flyer. The residents seemed rather resigned to the fact that the cats are running around upstairs - and quite a few could even point out which households were feeding the cats. None were aggressive or wanted the cats dead (or at least none said so!). The residents I spoke to all said sterilisation was a good idea (though one said he doubted any of the feeders could be bothered to sterilise). In one of the blocks especially, the neighbours were all very friendly and spoke to each other - they could also tell me which units were also facing similar problems with the cats. They were glad to hear about the mothballs and said they would try that.

I was told that there were many feeders - some people drove in to feed the cats from elsewhere, but except for one sterilised cat, ALL the cats in the area were unsterilised. In the two storey carpark, I spotted 11 unsterilised cats. One of the residents shook his head and said it would be impossible for me to even find the feeders because they came at such odd hours. One person comes after midnight every night - and often comes at 2 or 3 am.

The only feeder I know there is the one who did not want to help look into the complaints from the surrounding blocks so this area seems like it's going to pretty much be a mess.

I did manage to find out which units were feeding upstairs due to the residents' feedback.


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