Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The flip side of working with TC

You know what's funny? One of the town council officers started out by being extremely difficult when I first started writing to him - he had a difficult resident in the area and was trying to tell him that feeding was illegal.

After giving me the run around initially, he eventually did agree that he had made a mistake and we subsequently met up with some volunteers. Since then he has been sending complaints to CWS and the residents to be handled and he has been very co-operative. Recently, he also recommended working with CWS to another group of officers within the same TC and they seemed very open. When I wrote to this Property Manager to mention that there was a new caregiver in the area subsequently, he wrote a nice note to thank the caregiver and to give her his handphone number.

I wrote to him last night to check if another volunteer was within his precint and he wrote back almost immediately to say that he had just been transferred to another office. He said he hopes to work with the residents again in his new area (though unfortunately I do not know anyone there at this moment). He also now very promptly replies to emails - even at night (the only officer I know, incidentally, who does).

I guess sometimes the officers have such bad experiences with some feeders that they are worried about working with caregivers. Hopefully by showing that we are responsible and reasonable volunteers, at least some officers will start to come around.


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