Monday, July 17, 2006

I don't look after those cats

I just got off the phone with one of the rather challenging feeders. She claims that the town council wants to trap all the cats because they are defecating on the grass. I spoke with the officers and the complaints are about cats defecating in the corridors. The feeder then complained the town council was not clear,they must call her first, etc. I told her that there were complaints about the neighbouring blocks, and then she said that she did not look after those blocks and her cats never walked over to these other blocks. Sigh.

I told her that I often go to blocks which are absolutely nowhere near where I live if I am needed for a mediation, and she said that of course that was different because I work with CWS.

In the end, she said she would go and look into these other areas, but I honestly am not convinced she's going to do a very good job of it because she keeps insisting that the town council must not trap 'her' cats. She has 6 sterilised cats and 20 cats in all - with the people feeding upstairs and defecation, and the unsterilised cats reproducing, it's not a wonder people are complaining.

I told her that when the town council comes, they're not going to sit there and mark out which are her cats and which are not.


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