Monday, July 24, 2006

Kittens and Mother cat

Here's the video I said I'd post :-


Anonymous David Ooi said...

you posted a video of this mother cat feeding her 5 orange kittens. did you remember to come back for her to be sterilised as you have always championed? or did you just let her go on and live to be pregnant over and over again?
this question is the same for all the photos of the community cats you took and put it up. did you come back after them to sterilise or spay them?
your championing cause must not only starts when the TC starts to harrass and threaten but also during your "off-time". so if you were to say, "i took this cat's photo and later i come back to have it sterilised", then it makes sense.

9/9/06 2:57 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

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9/9/06 4:57 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

David - I went and spoke to the people whom I believe are feeding her and explained the importance of TNRM to them. I also spoke to another woman whom I know is definitely feeding in the area.

There are THOUSANDS of unsterilised cats in Singapore. I could spend all my time sterilising them - or I could try and get the people feeding these cats to be responsible for them.

When the Society first started, the first volunteers did that. They spent all their time running around sterilising cats for people. In the end, they realised they made hardly any impact because there were so many other cats out there and the people who were feeding, still would not sterilise because someone else did it for them.

The few colonies I did for people by the way disappeared by the way, because the feeders could not be bothered to look after them.

The question is :- do you want to fish, or teach people to fish? I think teaching people to fish is going to do far more good. I'll freely admit that sterilisation is not my forte too - but that mediation is. As I always stress, do what you're good at - because TNRM is more than just sterilisation.

I'm sure that you're actively sterilising the cats in your area and that's great. I hope you keep up your good work.

By the way, I've love to actually HAVE some 'off-time' :)

9/9/06 4:59 AM  

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