Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A new caregiver just wrote in today and suggested that we ought to put people within an area in touch with each other, especially if there are new caregivers who may need some help from more experienced volunteers. This is a very good idea and one we try to do as far as we can. However we can only do it if (1) we know whom the caregivers in the area are and (2) they are willing to work with new caregivers.

Sadly in some areas, some feeders only want to look after their own cats, or aren't prepared to help newcomers or they think that help means that the newbies will take over the work from them. This ends in bad feeling all around. Sometimes there is a lot of politics in an area. I know of one group that broke apart because of the different people in the group not getting along and allegations of dishonesty. When some new caregivers came along, they knew about the politics in the area and decided not to have anything to do with the first group - the two of them ended up looking around for new residents in the area and starting up a different group, which I think works a lot better now.

It helps if you let us know where you are if you'd like us to be able to contact you if there are new volunteers or complaints about your area. Unfortunately I do often hear about people's cats being caught because they did not let the town council know that they were active in the area. The town council may want to contact the caregiver but have no idea whom they are.

On the other hand, sometimes we have the town council calling (as they did this morning) to complain about a feeder whom we don't know. Not everyone wants to be associated with CWS for their own reasons - and we can only work with those who want to work with us obviously.


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