Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The New Paper (24-7-06)

The New Paper (24-7-06)
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An article appeared in the New Paper yesterday about the occupants of a flat with more than 20 birds that apparently sang all day and night. Neighbours complained, and the tenants of the flats decided to have the birds removed.

Now what's interesting is the article on HDB policy about this matter. Note it says that HDB does not take action against people who keep small animals and birds in their flat, unless residents complain. If they cause a health hazard or create a nuisance, the HDB can ask the owner to remove the pets. The police can also act on matters of noise nuisance.

This sounds to me like the rule that they are basically saying is being enforced against cats now - ie IF someone complains about a cat, the the HDB will act. If not, they will take no action.

So the question remains : - why are cats the only animal banned from an HDB flat?


Blogger calsifer said...

Sheer force of mindset, they're cast in concrete 20 years old, even cold pea's porridge can't compete against that type of longevity.

Seriously though... how can the HDB not "see" how ridiculous they are acting?

25/7/06 11:42 AM  
Anonymous imp said...

makes me wonder who exactly in HDB hates cats this much not to review its archaic policy.

25/7/06 12:53 PM  

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