Friday, July 14, 2006

Sterilising - too expensive

A social worker wrote in and said that she had a client with a problem. I managed to speak with the woman today. She has to sell her house and move out and she cannot bring her cats with her as she does not know where she is going yet. In addition, she has a 20 year old cat (which she tells me she does not expect to live much longer) and a number of kittens. Her children brought them home and she didn't sterilise them because she told me it costs $150 to sterilise a cat, so they've been producing, and breeding and now there are 6 or 7 cats, with a pregnant cat among them.

She's open to putting them up for adoption and she says she will get them sterilised when I gave her a cheaper vet option. I hope she'll follow through.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why in the first place, she didn't sterilise all her cats at home and let them produce so many litters. It's her own fault, her irresponsibility and ignorance that caused the cats to suffer now. Who will adopt her cats?

Now, don't know what to do, panic, right? Sterilising is expensive in the past. But now, it only cost abt $30-$50 per cat (male-female).

Please recommend her a cheaper vet.

16/7/06 4:04 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I did - and I'll call to follow up with her.

16/7/06 6:32 PM  

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