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Take drastic measures to curb pet abandonment (ST 25-7-06)

Take drastic action to curb pet abandonment

Good letter. The writer is absolutely right in saying that there are plenty of animals waiting for adoption already. Sadly, some people still want 'pedigree' animals. The other day when I was at a mediation, someone on hearing I was from CWS asked if I could get him a cat. Looking at all the cats around (which he was feeding), I asked why he didn't adopt one of those. His reply? That he wanted a pedigree.

You know what could also be done in the meantime? Have every pet shop enforce a waiting period and have a checklist to make every owner read and sign it to say they understand what keeping a pet entails before they are allowed to go home. If people went home and thought about it, instead of making an impulse buy, it might reduce the number of people who are like the man in this letter.


Anonymous imp said...

then likewise, when i make friends, i want pedigree. this man is definitely not pedigree. don't want him.

25/7/06 12:51 PM  
Blogger Salt * Wet * Fish said...

yeah, totally agreed with you.

I think the problem with adopted a pet for ourselves is the issue of expectation and being in control. I think its not much different from having a child of your own vs adopting someone elses child.

Sometimes unfortunately, this boils down to status and our own pride. I mean who would be proud to own a ferrari vs a picanto. However, I beleive that this is conditional to social friends that we have. If we have environment friendly, animal loving friends, there are actually less pressure to buy a pedigree pet, whereas if everyone of your friends have a pedigree pet and are showing them of, then its really hard to show off your local mongel breed in those context.

I also agree with you that much is need to get petshop to adopt a more animal friendly environment. I agree fully that potential pet owners should read and sign on materials regarding all the hassles of their new pet before they can bring one home, this may not stop pet abandonment, but its good education and public awareness in the right direction.

However, I don't believe that we should ban importing of pets by law, as this may cause black market to grow and increase pet trafficking which is worst. All these will end up underground and it will become more difficult to tackle

25/7/06 12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Knowing the gahman mentality, call for a ban may just result in a curb. Right now it is free flow...from pet mills in countries like Australia....free flow to shops...free flow to homes...and free flow to AVA and SPCA for the gallows.

25/7/06 6:02 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

So what about a period to think about it? Of course this will depend on the intergrity of the person buying (and the person selling the animal). Our adoption volunteer for example tells me that when she writes out the responsibilities of being a pet owner, quite a few people write back, thank her and say that upon further consideration, they had better not adopt.

25/7/06 6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel there are too many pet related issues in singapore have been allowed to slip without proper regulation and address.

the authorities shld act decisively and compassionately on issues relating to the promotion and protection of animals. topics that come to mind include recently reported cases such as the suitability of certain breeds such as Alaskan huskies, the age of puppies when they are made available for sale and the discipline of rogue pet shops and pet breeders. some of pet shops and breeders operate under deplorable conditions. the AVA shld conduct regular checks, blacklist offenders and refrain from issuing them with new licences.

in this particualr industry, players at all levels shld be driven by the well-being of the animals rather than a pure profit motive.

25/7/06 6:22 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

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25/7/06 9:15 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Legislation banning sale of pets may realistically be difficult - and some people may want to own pedigree animals for their own reasons and can be responsible pet owners. How about just making it difficult - ie expensive - for people who want to buy an animal? Also, they need to think about it and not have it be an impulse buy.

What we can do though as consumers is to ask pet shops not to sell. In the US, I've noticed that most pet shops do NOT sell animals. One woman I spoke to said that when a new pet shop opened in their neighbourhood, people went down and asked them not to sell pets, and that is the increasing pattern there. Many pet shops now have adoption corners instead of selling pets. So don't patronise pet shops that sell animals - your wallet can make the biggest impact.

25/7/06 9:16 PM  
Blogger vegancat said...

In the course of my work to homes, I have found
1) Turtles kept in containers with no objects for them to rest their paddling feet. I would have to look for objects such as bricks to put into the containers.
2) Dogs kept in enclosures in the kitchens - reasons range from spraying to keep them away from a sick person in the flat.
3) Cats in flats with windows not meshed up. Recent visit found a "cute ginger cat died from fall out the window!"

I wonder if AVA were to do a survey on the quality of care rendered to pets sold from shops, say within one year from sale, I won't be surprised to read a very painful negative picture. Will this then convince the MND to take drastic measures??

25/7/06 11:23 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Vegancat - sadly, I'm not sure it will.

26/7/06 12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only AVA could set a standard procedure that all cat owners must mesh and secure their windows properly so that cats won't fall down from high rise building. To some people, cats are just animals, die die lor! so what!!
some people still hv this kind of attitude!

These are pet owners who are ignorant, stubborn, irresponsible or a miser, and not willing to spend a single cent to secure the windows with mesh. They rather use the money to buy 4-D or Toto.

aunty wie

26/7/06 1:01 PM  
Blogger Salt * Wet * Fish said...

I agree with dawn, I think that we still lack strong animal welfare laws and protection... as this is not a vote-winner for the govt. hence they never really pay attention to it. Just look at the maid manpower issue, our maids still don't have the same rights as construction works and nurses, although they are paid like construction workers and work like a nurse! This are humans we are talking about, if the govt. is dragging their feet on non-singaporean, i.e non-voting, humans, when would animals get a chance?

But, we must try and try lor

26/7/06 1:05 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Auntie Wie - another good reason for HDB to change their policy. That way the cats are not allowed to go out - so people would need some form of fencing for sure.

Salt Wet Fish - yes we should try and try again. I am confident that if we are reasonable and want to work with the authorities that they will listen eventually.

26/7/06 1:50 PM  
Blogger vegancat said...

Not too long ago, I saw foreign workers climbing trees to saw off the branches WITHOUT any safety belts!
Now if they fall and break their necks, they will either die or be sent home paralyzed!
Do we blame "entrepreneurs" who couldn't be bothered with enforcing safety regulations or our Government for not coming hard on companies to be more concerned with the welfare of foreign workers!?

Basically when beings like cats and foreign workers who do not have much of a voice, if any at all, the "higher" people couldn't be bothered! This is about as inclusive a society as we are now!

26/7/06 2:58 PM  

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