Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who pays?

Here's what I've been thinking - now town councils are terrified that people will complain about scratches on cars and try and claim damages from them. Besides the fact that this will just open the floodgates and allow people to start claiming for anything (leaves! Branches on car! Bird Defecation! People scratching your car!), one of the volunteers suggested I look up the relevant statute. If you click on the Singapore Statutes link on my side bar and look up the Parking Places Act, you'll realise that there is a disclaimer against paying for any damage incurred in a public parking lot. That makes sense - because you can't be protected against everything that happens in a public place.

Here's the thing though - what about the fact that caregivers have invested time and more importantly to some, MONEY, in their cats. Who is going to reimburse them for the money spent on sterilisation and caring for the cats? If the town councils are so worried about people claiming for damage to cars, what about loss of life to community cats being cared for?


Blogger vegancat said...

Maybe if a caregiver is rich enough and has enough legal advice and sue the Town Council for reimbursement of sterilization fees, etc for "wrongful" removal of cats, then perhaps TC officers will sit up and scratch their heads and not their backside the next time they pick up the phone to call the pest control.

20/7/06 6:09 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Actually why not just ask? These car owners are asking to be reimbursed in many cases - I don't see why a caregiver cannot just put in a similar request.

20/7/06 6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a good idea - if TC officers entertain all complaints so why not join the queue and ask to be compensated for food, sterilisation etc of the cat(s) that was/were rounded up. The "fur on car" complainant cannot prove which cat. Care-givers have photos of missing cat(s)& presence of pest control. Do ask for equal rights for complaint to be heard and attended to asap ; )

20/7/06 7:12 PM  

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