Thursday, August 31, 2006

But everyone here hates cats

I keep hearing this over and over again (and again in an email this afternoon) and I can tell you in my experience this is simply not true.

Sure people may come up and say I don't like cats. Now instead of staring blankly at them, ask them a simple question :- why? People may not like cats for various reasons, and most of them have to do with various problems they face. For example, some people are ignorant - they may not realise the cats there are being managed so they dislike the fact that more and more cats are being born in an area.

Alternatively, cats are defecating outside their house and it irritates them. If you can ask exactly what the problem is, you may find they have a problem and not a problem with the cats per se.

Of course there are SOME people who dislike cats - but in general they are the minority, just as the minority who really love cats. However, the vast majority of people do not want cats removed.

Sometimes when feeders don't see the cats causing a problem, they don't realise there is one. It's a good idea to ask - and to try and educate the public when you can about cat behaviour.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may not have a 'cat-hater' problem if you do not have a 'too many cats' problem.
Most reasonable people do not mind a few cats around. But if the cats defecate in residents' flower pots, fight/mate outside their windows at 1 am and messy cat food is all around, people will come to dislike the cats. No one would complain about the 'feeders who do not sterilise' for the increasing feline population. The cats get the blame.

31/8/06 10:26 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

That's very true Anonymous.

1/9/06 1:35 AM  

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