Monday, August 28, 2006

Jurong update

What a long of things happened this weekend and unfortunately most of them weren't good. Another 4 cats disappeared in Jurong East. Some volunteers went down and patrolled the area. Apparently there are no short supply of people acting strangely in the area.

It's worrying because the abuser seems to have stepped up the abuse. One cat crawled back home (this was a home pet that the family let out to wander) and collapsed before it could get to the right unit. When some of the volunteers patrolled an area I understand that they parked at one of the blocks and came back and found that one of the volunteer's wind screen had been smashed even though they left the car for just a few minutes. It may or may not be connected to the abuse - but definitely makes it less safe for the volunteers if someone has spotted them and knows who they are.

I was speaking with the volunteers about this and told them that sometimes it comes down to this :- do you want to catch the abuser or do you want to stop the killings? Of course, everyone WANTS to catch the abuser, but at the same time, it doesn't always happen. In one case years ago, I remembered that our reward flyers were distributed and the suspect was identified by his neighbour. The neighbour would not testify out of fear for his safety, but with the information, the police warned the suspect and the killings stopped. In that case, the suspect was never apprehended but the main thing for those volunteers was that the killings stopped.

The volunteers in Jurong now have to make that same decision on what they want to do. It's great that so many people have come forward to help but everyone can only offer help and suggestions at the end of the day because the decision really belongs to the people who look after those cats. They'll have to live with the consequences, more so then anyone else, of their decision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I would choose for the abuse to stop. Then the cats will be safe.

"Catching" the abusers is good only if the justice system works to punish and/or rehabilitate the offenders. As thgs stand, that is not being done. What good is it to catch an abuser only to have him free to abuse again in a couple of mths? How does that make thgs better for the cats?

The thg is this. There are many ppl who obviously feel strongly agst the abuse that has been taking place. Tired of waiting for authorities who are unable or unwilling to help, they take thgs into their own hands to nab the culprits. Then what happens? After all their work, the law allows the culprits get off almost scott free. Sooner or later the volunteer cat-abuse nabbers will take it into their own hands to "punish" the abusers rather than/before handing them over to the police...

28/8/06 11:36 AM  
Anonymous HW said...

OMG, how was that cat that crawled back home?? I hope it's OK...

1. First and foremost, KEEP all your house cats INDOORS! I know some families like to let their cats roam free, but if you know your neighbourhood is 'not safe' anymore for cats, for Goodness sake, keep them INDOOR.

2. Yes, I would want the abuse and the killings to STOP most importantly. Catching the culprit/killer red-handed and handing him or her to the police and eventual prosecution would be a bonus.

But again I say this, it all comes down to the laws and punishment, if it would be heavier and harsher, these people, even if they are "sickos", would think twice.

Just imagine this extrema scenario: If animal abuse and killing is a DEATH penalty, you think these "sickos" would do what they are doing now?? I don't think so...

I am going to do my best to try and "push" or "rally" to have the animal abuse act be review.


28/8/06 11:48 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous, yes I can understand they are frustrated and tired too, when they put in so much work. Hopefully the sentence will be reviewed. We have written in and so has the SPCA.

28/8/06 11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just wondering - how does the writing in work? Are u asking for the AG's Chambers to appeal for a heavier sentence?

Would like to know cos thinking of writing in myself...

28/8/06 2:07 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes Anonymous - we're writing in to ask that the sentence be increased and/or he gets some form of rehabilitation. We feel that it's important to have a deterrent sentence. We pointed out that with the David Hooi case, 3 months didn't seem to deter him either.

Do write to the AGC and let them know how you feel - issues might include why you think it is important that abuse is taken seriously, how you feel about the sentence, what effect it has on other similar crimes.

28/8/06 2:39 PM  
Anonymous fatcat said...

For what it's worth, here's another angle. Many years ago a woman who was beaten up by her husband wrote to "Ann Landers", an American "agony aunt" to describe how she had forced her husband to stop abusing her. She went to a forensic photographer after a particularly bad beating, and with his wife as witness and chaperone, removed as much clothing as necessary to reveal her injuries and had herself photographed. The negatives she had kept by an attorney. She sent a set of the prints to her husband at his workplace, and told him that if he ever laid a less than loving hand on her again, duplicate sets of these photographs with a short explanation would be sent to his employer, his social club, their church, etc. She reported that he had not abused her in more than two years since she took this step.

When we catch abusers in the act this way, we can consider imposing our own penalties. Yes, the police should prosecute and the courts should sentence. But if it's only a slap on the wrist, let's be sure that employers, clan associations, social contacts, get a close look at what the offender has done and get asked to consider whether this is the kind of person they want to be attached to.

I doubt that defamation charges could be attached to evidence produced in court.


29/8/06 9:48 PM  

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