Thursday, August 31, 2006

Knowing when to speak up

Just got off the phone with a bunch of volunteers and different people including a rather hostile young woman who started yelling down the phone at me when I called her. She was upset about the whole culling situation which I understand, but she doesn't seem to know what to do and is getting upset with everyone else.

She claimed one of the volunteers is angry with CWS and rambled on non-stop for a few minutes in a rather condescending tone about what we ought to do. Now I know the volunteer she mentioned fairly well, and I told this woman so. I was scratching my head to think of whether I had offended her in any way - and when I called the volunteer direct later, she said she barely even knows this girl and when I told her what she said, she was even more taken aback.

Also I realised that this young woman doesn't really have a clue about the programme or TNRM. She kept saying they wanted to keep the TC's goodwill, but also wants to go to the press now and complain about them. She seemed reluctant to speak up if they did trap the cats eventually because she said the TC can do what they want.

What IS important is to get your facts straight and find out what is happening from the horse's mouth. The woman I spoke to, is the PA of the General Manager and the latter is on leave. She did know however what I was referring to the minute I called and said that the SMSes and emails were rumours but that she'd get another officer to call and confirm with one of the caregivers. This officer called another volunteer and said the information about the culling was false.

If the town council gives their word that it's not happening, then I think we should accept it. If they go BACK on it, then they should be questioned about it. However, deciding NOT to do anything in the interest of keeping goodwill if they do trap, but preparing to go to the press now, just doesn't seem to make any sense to me.


Blogger calsifer said...

You know that TV ad for class 95 where a proud dad basks in the apparent praise of the tennis coach on his son's potential while the son struggles to evne hit the ball? Same case... some people just pick and choose what they want to hear and understand. I thnk people have died over this type of behaviour... I even had the experience where I elicited thanks, and commiseration while decrying the hidden evils of captive white tiger breeding that the gen public don't see. Suddenly, someone jumps in and goes all self-righteous on everybody in the thread and calls us all specisists and anti-animal fascists. Really surreal. Very DUH and DOH all at once.

Needless to say, I posted a point by point rebuttal (seasoned with acid... can't help it), and people backed me up. I think we were actually rather more benevolent with the self-righteous and seriously misguided ranter than she deserved.

So kudos again to you Dawn... I really can't stop being amazed at your composure!

1/9/06 11:19 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well let's just say if no one yells at me today, I'll be quite happy :)

1/9/06 11:24 AM  

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