Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My cat just died today. I want a cat ASAP.

Someone wrote into the adoption team to say that her kitten had been run over yesterday. She wrote in on the same day to say that her child was devastated and the woman was very sad too and they wanted another cat as soon as possible. She sent in an email today again and also managed to get my number and I realised that I had some missed calls from her today.

Now accidents happen, and sometimes cats do get run over. It's very sad, but no one meant for it to happen. However, the thing that was a little surprising was the speed at which she wanted another kitten. I know that the best thing to do is to get right back into the saddle and adopt if your cat dies but the same day? Generally aren't you still grieving for the cat that just died hours ago? Perhaps some people move on quicker then others. The other alternative - that the cat is just a commodity that can be easily interchanged - is just too chilling.


Anonymous HW said...

It's probably a mix of both feelings?? I am just guessing maybe she wanted a "replacement cat" so soon (Boy I hate to term it like that) because as a kitten, the family has not develop the affection and feeling for the little cat.

What I am more concern is if it was due to their negligence that the kitten got out and got run over? Then that is more of a "pressing issue" to teach them to protect their pets better.


29/8/06 5:42 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

HW - yes exactly. You know the phrase marry in haste, repent in leisure? I think it can be applied to adoption.

29/8/06 5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well looks like she aint the one doin the repentin cos she seems to have moved right on...

Its the poor kitty that'll pay the price if its not cared for right.

But if she can't get a cat fr CWS she'll just get one from some other source. So maybe it's better to find out more abt the previous kitty and drop a few kitten care hints so it doesn't happen again...

29/8/06 6:14 PM  
Anonymous fiona said...

Er...ran over? By vehicles? Home cats should not be let out... So I guess there're no proper precautions to keep cats indoors.

29/8/06 6:36 PM  
Anonymous mr giggles said...

Well, I'd like to give my opinion about why this lady may want a new kitten so soon.

Firstly let's look at how the first kitten could have run out and got run over. I totally agree that kittens should be carefully watched over and not be let out of the house. However, kittens being kittens, are playful and can skoot really fast! One second it's sitting by your feet, the nest it's climbing the window curtains! So, education is the key to preventing this tragedy from happeining again. And, to this point, it really may not be their fault that kitty scooted past them as they were leaving their home and got run over by a passing car.

Secondly, the reason she may want another kitten so quickly is perhaps she couldn't bear to see how sad and devasted her child is. And perhaps she's of the opinion that the best way to grieve is to get another pet asap.

It really is traumatic to see your pet killed right in front of you. People deal with it in different ways. I guess it's best then, to not judge this lady for wanting another kitten this soon.

But, yes, I agree education and a little more probing may be needed to find out how dedicated she is as a pet owner.

29/8/06 8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While the kitten may have escaped despite reasonable precautions, the adoption team should look closely into the circumstances of the kitten's death to see whether this family can be trusted to act responsibly. If necessary, insist that the screens/grilles,be installed before a new kitten is given to them.

We lost one of the cats we brought to the UK from Singapore to a hit-and-run driver--at least, that's what our vet thinks--and she was five years old and had an enclosed garden to play in. We live in the country and will not confine our cats to the house for long periods because they were really suffering stress confined in our Singapore flat--6 cats of different ages in a 5 room flat, and they were constantly being stirred up when we had to take in rescue and sterilization cases. So we have to be prepared for sad possibilities here. The cats,however, love having a garden and a cat door to go in and out of. The neighbourhood cats Black Bess and Pirate Pete come in as well in order to check out the snack supply. But I won't take in sterilization cases anymore, and I'm in no hurry to adopt more to replace Derring Do.


29/8/06 9:20 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Judith - I'm very sorry to hear about your cat.

Mr Giggles - you're right, as I said, different people deal with loss differently. Having said that, the utmost urgency she seems to be conveying in getting a new cat is worrying.

I can understand she's worried about her child, but at the same time, while I'm sure the child may be comforted with a new cat, she will be grieving for the old one. It does worry me that it may be that the mother may be saying don't worry, here's another cat. The cat isn't a toy to assuage the child's grief with.

Of course the adoption team will advise - but at the end of the day, it's the foster's decision whether they are comfortable with this family or not.

29/8/06 11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why so soon? Has she forgotten about her dead cat. Is she not grieving for her loss.

Why so impulsive. She should let the family settle down first and adopt a new cat when everyone in the family is ready.

How come her cat is run over? Why is the cat not supervised. I am very doubtful. If they have supervised the cat, the cat is probably alive now.

Very fishy.

30/8/06 12:55 AM  
Blogger Wei said...

wow thats fast, but perhaps she jus want a replacement so she cn feel better, n use tt new cat to replace her guilt towards the old one.

My cat got ran over 2wks back n im still grieving over her death, im too afraid to get another cos i do not want a replacement, cos i knw no other cat can replace her =(

30/8/06 1:57 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Wei - I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope you'll feel better soon.

30/8/06 2:10 AM  
Anonymous Puffy said...

i adopted a kitten from CWS about 3 weeks after my cat died of old age. a lot of people thought i was finding a "replacement" for my previous cat because it had been with me since it was 3 weeks old and our friendship lasted for 10 years.

i was hesitant at first because the loss was too overwhelming but when i went to a shelter and realised that hundreds of strays needed homes, i guess the least i could do is take another one in because i now have the space for another and give this cat the love it deserves.

that's my story. :)

30/8/06 10:28 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing Puffy and for taking a cat in. That's a lovely story. I think in this case I was a little perturbed that she was a bit pushy about getting a cat right away.

I did speak with her this morning and the cat was run over because she felt cats should be let out. I advised her this is not a good idea. I also explained that she had just written in two days ago so the foster may take a bit of time to get back to her which she was very accepting of.

She seems like quite a nice lady - though she did have a little girl in the background who screamed the entire time I was speaking with her. I hope that it was just a one-off thing.

30/8/06 12:55 PM  
Anonymous mr giggles said...

Well, if she feels that cats should be let out, then she shouldn't be given a cat, much less a kitten that doesn't know any better.

And if her child is a screaming brat, then it's all the more worrisome. Because, you're right, Dawn, she may be teaching the child a pet is as replaceable as a toy.

I hope the foster exercises caution in this case.

30/8/06 1:08 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I do know some people are not used to keeping cats in, especially if they come from overseas, where the situation is a bit different. In Singapore though, it is dangerous to let the cats OUT and some people aren't aware of that. It's a matter of awareness again I think.

30/8/06 2:14 PM  

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