Thursday, August 31, 2006

No one really cares

I was just speaking to a feeder in one of the areas today. She looks after the cats, but for some reason, she feels she has to stop sterilising because she promised one of the officers she would not do so, so she says. Some of the officers, in an attempt to curb the population, asked people to stop sterilising in some areas. This was so they could trap the rest.

In addition, she had some cats caught in her area recently, and I called to check if they were sterilised cats and why they were caught.

She told me that there was no point in talking to the town council or the MP. She would just pray for their eventual retribution because all the officers were evil.

Now first things first, just because the town council says something does not mean you HAVE to agree, it is not an inalienable truth that can never be changed. After all, you LIVE in the TC - the TC is supposed to make YOUR life easier, not the other way around. As a resident, your feedback counts - or it should count at least as much as the feedback of complainants.

Secondly, praying may be good for your soul, but praying for someone else to face retribution probably isn't going to be :) Putting that aside, let's face the immediate earthly plane. Why not TALK to the TC? The feeder says that the other people all say it's no use, that the TC doesn't listen, etc etc, though as far as I can ascertain none of them have really tried.

I told her if that's how they feel that the TC is right - no one really wants the cats there. If the people who are supposed to care the most about the cats cannot rouse themselves to let the town council or MP know how they feel, then they can't want the cats there very much.

This feeder's idea of speaking to the town council is also rather unique. Instead of proposing solutions, she told the officer he would face retribution one day for his evil actions. Now she says he doesn't want to talk to her. I have told her repeatedly we could hold a workshop to teach all her feeders how to handle complaints, how to manage the area properly, but they're all too busy for a workshop in their area. They have to feed the cats, and she has to pray - this despite the fact that I told her we can arrange a time to come down which is suitable for them all.

She has agreed that if her own cats are targetted, she will speak with her officer, but she can't do anything about anyone else's area, which is true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a thought.... Could some of these caregivers especially those that are not so in tune with govt rulings. Could they be keeping cats at home themselves and they feel that they dont want to go agitate TC officers as they have the mistaken notion that TC and HDB will clamp down on them for speaking so much and come to their house to confiscate the cats?

Maybe that is why so many care givers seem so adamant that TC officers are deaf to their suggestions. It's because they dont dare to even talk to them in the first place. I am really not surprised even if some TC officer dropped "hints" that it is within their power to confiscate home cats. The case of how they told Mrs Lee in the girl got scratched case that most cats will be put up for adoption by AVA shows how some of them do lie.

31/8/06 11:17 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous - it might be, and we have had people tell us this (though I hear it less often nowadays). We try and dispel these untruths as much as we can, but if they won't turn up to even see us, it's very hard to talk to them.

More often I think people just feel intimidated by the whole TC as a whole, or alternatively, they just can't bring themselves to do anything.

Some feeders ARE scared - which is why we try our best to let them know we will go WITH them - whether to the police, or the TC. However some people are also unshakeable in their beliefs - one feeder would not believe me when I told her that I was pretty sure her phone was NOT being bugged by the authorities.

31/8/06 11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah u can't really blame them... its the whole culture here. Even my parents are sometimes like that. The govt has become a big monster to be feared and held in awe.

Haha even when we talk at home, my parent often hush me down telling me not to mention certain names aloud, in case neighbours report to police.....

31/8/06 12:13 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

You're right - they've become the boogeyman, but how often is it true? Our PM has said that they appreciate honest feedback.

31/8/06 12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally think that what the PM said is what spin doctors ask him to say. End of the day, our ruling's party motto is to curb all opposition cos they are always right. As one veteran party member once said at an interview. People are like lambs, they need leaders to guide them and think for them.

During the recent discovery docu, our ex pm GCT said about opposition parties, "of course we are concerned about any challenges to our RULE"

When do democratic govts RULE? They are supposed to govern...

But anyway lets not divert and go into politics, I just brought up the point cos I noticed alot of feeders are old ladies and many of them have football team size number of cats in their hdbs. Hence they might really fear the authority.

31/8/06 1:10 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

You're right Anonymous - some of them are truly scared, but you know, the TC and the HDB are different bodies altogether. The TC governs anything outside, the HDB anything WITHIN the flat. To be honest, one TC we just met tells people with pet cats to please keep them INdoors. This helps to minimise complaints.

31/8/06 1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i still dun understand if technically, hdb flat is MY house..and i BOUGHT it...why cant i keep a cat in MY OWN house. the decade old policy of not allowing cats in the house should be revised..but HDB just want to take the easy way out-what aint broke, dun fix it.

31/8/06 3:49 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous - because technically it's not your house. The HDB flat is a leasehold, so the HDB are your landlords and can impose conditions on the flat.

You're right of course though in a wider sense - it's your home and you should be allowed to keep plants, cats or do anything in it as long as it is not illegal. Last I checked, cats weren't illegal.

31/8/06 4:06 PM  

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