Monday, August 28, 2006

Scarecrow delivery

Some volunteers went by to deliver the Scarecrow to the difficult complainant yesterday. We sent along a contact for him to sign, which Josephine helped to draft. He balked on seeing the item about paying for incidentals, claiming that we had offered to pay for the water bill for the item. I had in fact done so, but the man kept claiming he has no idea what his average water bill is or how to calculate his water usage so there was no way to do so. He also demanded to know where I was and how come I wasn't there to demonstrate the Scarecrow to him.

Michelle and I had earlier agreed that we would just drop it off to him because this man was just illogical and to offer him the Scarecrow if he wanted him. There's no point speaking to him because he's not interested - he just wants to complain. I spoke to Jolanda, because he lives in her former estate, and she said that they were very queer people.


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