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ST (25-8-06)

ST (25-8-06)
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Photo from the Straits Times of the Old Airport Road abuser.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 months out of a maximum of 12 months' sentence is TOO SHORT. This guy calculatingly TORTURED the cat to its death, and not just killed it in one fell swoop.

I wonder what one has to do to be a 'real offender' deserving of a 12 months' sentence? Kill 100 cats?

Singapore is obviously not a "FIRST WORLD COUNTRY" - just look at the number of animal abusers around!!


25/8/06 4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy looks so normal....but what he did was abnormally cruel
and exceedingly evil.
Are serial cat killers generally male? What age group? Blue collar worker or unemployed? Living alone?
Like to feed cats but cannot stand being scratched?
Well, for a fact, they have plenty of time to torture cats in the middle of the night.
Is there a profile of a serial cat killer?

25/8/06 7:25 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous I don't think there's a profile - there are abusers of all ages, races, etc. However in the cases I have seen they have been all male so far. I have heard of female abusers too though.

I wonder if it's similar to serial killers of people, considering a lot of the abusers go on to hurt and/or kill people?

26/8/06 12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He killed 10 cats and only get 2 months' jail. Is the judge his friend??? Wow... so lenient. What a nice judge !!!

This is so encouraging for other cat abusers. I am sure they don't mind killing more cats and get 2 months' holidays with free lodging and food. Why not, right!

The law for animal rights in Singapore need to be studied and reviewed.

27/8/06 12:18 PM  

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